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Eurolite Theatre Spot 2000 Antihalo black

Spot Projector

Theatre Spot Professional theatre spot with color filter frame and protective grille Impressive light output Robust housing Locking possibility at the mounting bracket Temperature-protected handle Focus manually adjustable from 10° to 40° Easy lamp replacement Antihalo lens for punctual illumination (light inside the beam is brighter than outside) Ready for connection via power cord with safety-plug Illuminant not included in the delivery Via color filter frame The device is cooled by passive cooling by convection Controling by plug and play

147.54 €

Повеќе од 10 парчиња на лагер

Watts: 2000 W
Volts: 230 V AC
Hz: 50 Hz
Kg: 8.85 kg
Code: 41901053