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Omnitronic PM-4010 Pro DJ mixer


PRO 4+1-channel DJ mixer 4 channels with gain control, 3-band equalizer, cue button, smooth and durable fader and 10-digit LED level meter 1 DJ microphone channel with 3-band equalizer, level control, on air and talkover selector Color illuminated rotary controls and rubber buttons Prefader listening to all input channels and the master output via adjustable headphones output, with cue mix/split function Replaceable crossfader with VCA technology for crossfading between input channels, with assignment switches, adjustable curve, reverse function and fader start function 2 separately controllable master channels with mono/stereo selector switch and balance control Master channel 1 with fader and 10-digit stereo LED level meter, switchable to master channel 2 Master level switchable 0.75 V or 1.5 V Adjustable monitor output (DJ booth) 2 recording outputs, independent of the master and with on/off switch for DJ microphone signals Inputs: 10 x line (stereo RCA), additonally 1 x line at the front panel (stereo RCA/3.5 mm jack (1/8")); 2 x phono/line (stereo RCA), switchable; 1 x DJ microphone (XLR/6.3 mm jack), 2 x microphone (6.3 mm jack) and 1 x headphones (3.5 mm/6.3 mm jack (1/8"/1/4")) Outputs: 1 x master (stereo XLR/stereo RCA), 1 x master (6.3 mm stereo jack, bal.), booth (stereo RCA), 2 x record (stereo RCA) and 2 x fader start (3.5 mm jack (1/8")) Operation via supplied power unit

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Cap: PM-4010
Watts: 35 W
Volts: 230 V AC
Hz: 50 Hz
Kg: 5,55 kg
Code: 10006860