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Omnitronic MPZ-500.6P


6-zone PA mono mixing amplifier, MP3 player & IR remote, zones switchable, 500 W Comfortable control of PA speakers via 6-zone technology 6 PA zone outputs, independently switchable on the front panel Master PA output (70 V and 100 V) Output for low-impedance speakers (4-16 ohms) MP3 player with IR remote control and LCD with blue backlight SD card slot and USB input Folder navigation and repeat functions (1, All) 2 rear microphone inputs (6.3 mm jack, unbal.) 1 front microphone input (combination XLR/6.3 mm jack, unbal.) with adjustable priority circuit All microphone inputs with separate level controls 3 line inputs (stereo RCA) with separate level controls 1 line output (stereo RCA) Chime, switchable Treble and bass control for the output signal 7-fold LED level display Master control for the output signal Protection circuits with LED indication: over current, short circuit, turn-on delay Rack installation, brackets detachable The device is cooled by cooling fan Controlling by IR remote control (19") 48.3 cm rack installation 2 U

40300 ден

660.66 €
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Watts: 1000 W
Volts: 230 V AC
Hz: 50 Hz
Kg: 16,30 kg
Code: 80709752